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How to Buy Gold Bars: A Simple 3 Steps Guide for Buying Gold Bars

Purchasing gold bars is a wise decision in today’s world. It helps in securing the future retirement of the people. But where and how to buy gold bars in the United States? Buying gold bars online can be a tough job nowadays because there are many gold scams running on the internet. We provide a simple 3 step gold IRA investment guide for buying physical gold bars online. These bullion bars are 100% authentic and IRS approved.

3 Step Guide for Purchasing Gold Bars:

This guide is helpful if you want to purchase the gold and other precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium with your IRA account. A gold IRA is a simply an individual retirement account which can be used to own physical bullion bars or coins approved by Internal Revenue Services of the United States of America. If you are using a 401k account then you must consult with your employer to get it transferred to self-directed IRA account. To actually know “how to buy gold bars and coins” as investment follow these steps:

1. Open Self-Directed IRA Account.

This is the first step in obtaining the precious metal in your custody. Normally if you are a working professional in a company then you have a 401k account. This account is managed by a trustee who is placed by your employer. In order to invest in your earnings in gold, you need to open a self-directed IRA account. The account holder has much more liberty with this account. If you open this account either by the help of a gold IRA company or through Gold IRA Rollover, then you can choose to invest in several bullion metals approved by IRS.

2. Transfer Funds to IRA Account.

Once you have opened the gold IRA account, it is time to transfer the funds securely into the account. This process gets very easy and quick if you are an expert in investment. But if you need help in buying gold bars for your IRA account, you should select a gold IRA advisor which can guide to through this process. We highly suggest “Regal Assets” for this step to execute. Regal Assets is one of the best gold IRA company in the business.  All you have to is fill the form and they take care of the rest. The form to your right is a ticket to your precious metal holding. The advisors at the company will help you transfer your retirement funds to the newly opened account quickly and swiftly.

3. Choose your Gold Bars.

The final step is to choose the gold bars who want to buy from the list of approved IRA gold coins and bars. The selection process is very easy. Once you choose the type of your gold bar, it is time to convert your paper money into actual gold. The physical gold can be processed by you or you can choose a storage option. Please remember that there are some storage fees involved if you choose to keep your gold in a secure vault. You should consult with your advisor beforehand while making a decision.

This concludes our simple 3 step guide to how to buy gold bars as an investment in the United States.
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